Information on Personal Data Processing and Protection

In order to register and create a user account on and to use the learning management system, we need your personal data. These are processed in accordance with Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR) and are used exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes.

1. The operator of the system Foxario LMS

Business name: EMPIRE SYSTEMS, s.r.o.
Registration: registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Banská Bystrica,
Dep.Sro, entry no. 10461/S
Registered Office: Štúrova 23, 960 01 Zvolen
Business ID: 36 638 072
Tax ID: 2022015644
VAT ID: SK2022015644
Represented by: Peter Petruš, Managing Director
Jozef Babiak, Managing Director
(hereinafter referred to as "we")

2. Personal Data Processing

We process personal data for the purpose of the proper use of the system Foxario LMS. This includes in particular:

  • registration in the system, creation of a user account and access to the learning management functionality,
  • the conclusion of a contract between you as the learning manager and us as the operator of the LMS, the subject of which is the use of the system with the agreed parameters,
  • the issue of a tax invoice for payment of the purchase price,
  • keeping records of registered users for administrative purposes,
  • keeping records of offered, ordered and completed online training courses for the resolution of any possible claims.

Nie všetky údaje sú povinné pre vytvorenie a nastavenie profilu, niektoré údaje nám poskytujete dobrovoľne.

3. Registration and Profile of the User – Manager of the education

During registration and profile setting we collect from you the following data:

  • login data – login name, password,
  • identification data – name, email address, contact person, administrator, photograph,
  • address, phone number,
  • payment details.

Not all data is mandatory for creating and setting up a profile, some data is provided voluntarily.

4. Managing of the Education

While using our system, managing the students and the courses you assign to them, you share your students' personal data with us. You are the Data Controller and we are your Agent as we store data in our system. You are responsible for compliance with the Data Processing Principles - data minimization and retention periods, as well as for the accuracy and timeliness of the data. We will take care of their protection, security and lawfulness of processing.

5. Automatically Collected Data

While visiting our website, data about your visit is automatically collected in the form of cookies and web server logs. The data collected may contain personal information under certain circumstances. The data is collected so that we can improve system performance, correct errors in the operation of the website or clarify possible security incidents. In particular, the following data is concerned:

  • Site you are accessing our website to
  • IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Amount of data transferred
  • Information about the browser, device and operating system used

We do not share the information stored in cookies with the third parties. You always have the option to set the use of cookies when you enter our website or through the settings in your internet browser.

6. Disclosure and access to personal data

We only disclose or provide personal data to the third party not any further than to the extent necessary. In particular, the third parties that provide to us:

  • account activation by sending an email message with an activation link - MailerLite
  • sending marketing newsletters and campaigns - MailerLite
  • sending an email to course participants with a personalized link - Amazon, Ireland
  • web hosting and data storage - AWS, Frankfurt
  • payment facilitation - Stripe payment Gateway

7. Processing Conditions and Safety

The processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with applicable legislation relating to the protection of personal data, Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

In order to protect your data, we have taken appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures corresponding to the manner in which we process personal data, taking into account in particular the technical means to be used, the confidentiality and importance of the personal data processed, as well as the extent of the potential risks.

Your personal data is stored securely in Amazon's cloud - Amazon Web Services, with servers physically located within the EU and no transfer of personal data to the third countries. The Amazon Web Services cloud service provides secure encrypted data storage and guarantees data availability. Data is regularly backed up, monitored and protected from potential attacks. We only process personal data for as long as is strictly necessary to fulfil the purpose, obligations arising from concluded contracts and generally binding legal regulations.

As the Foxario LMS controller, we are aware of our obligation to process personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and in accordance with good manners. We are not liable for the misuse of personal data by the third party who has gained unauthorized access to such personal data.

8. Rights of the data subject

As a data subject about whom we process personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access to data – you have right to know if and how we process your personal data. You can access your data via your profile.
  • Right to correct data – you have the right to have your personal data kept accurate, complete and up to date. If your personal data is incorrect or out of date, you can correct and update it in your profile.
  • Right to erasure – under certain circumstances you have the right to have your personal data erased. You can ask us to delete your data at any time. We will delete your personal data if
    • the purpose for which they were obtained has already been fulfilled,
    • or we are processing your personal data unlawfully.
  • Right to restrict processing – you can ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data. Restriction of processing may occur, for example, if
    • You let us know your personal data are incorrect,
    • We process your personal data unlawfully,
    • We no longer need your data, but you need it to prove, exercise or defend your rights.
  • Right to data preciseness - you have right to request to be provided your personal data in electronic form (e.g. CSV, XML) or in a form that allows you to transfer the data to another service provider.
  • Right to object to data processing – you have the right to object that we process your personal data. Based on the objection, we will verify the lawfulness of the processing.
  • Right to engage judicial procedure at Data protection Commission.

The person concerned may exercise his/her right in writing to the company's correspondence address or by means of an email address

9. Validity and Amendments to the Text

Entitled to change, supplement and update the wording and content of the information on the processing of personal data is the company EMPIRE SYSTEMS, s.r.o. reflecting legislative changes or changes in the purposes and conditions of processing personal data.

Version 1.0
Valid from 15th April 2022